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Symphony air cooler established in 1988. They have a business in 60 countries where they possess speciality to manufacture high-quality air coolers. They manufacture personal coolers, desert coolers, modern air coolers etc.

Near about 25 % of turnover, symphony generates from the global market. They have earned a good name in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia. This company sells high-quality products at the lowest prices with international standards.

Even If you are looking for their spare parts, you can get easily anywhere which is not possible with other brands. Companies customers are really happy with their customer service and top quality products.

For cheap coolers, you can consider Bajaj Electricals but if you have the budget till 10000 INR then symphony is the best option for you.

Not to worry as the company have few products till 6000 INR. Let’s dive into Symphony Air Cooler reviews and models.

Best Symphony air cooler Reviews & Price Idea 2020

The most important thing to consider that we have included wall-mounted coolers in this list too.

1) Symphony Siesta 70 litre air cooler Review – Overall best Symphony cooler, India

With the best design, this cooler comes with a front grill and 70 Liters storage tank. Because of large storage, this cooler can give you cold air in one fill. Even if you run this Symphony Siesta then you will observe that only half a portion of water is been used.

This needs 150 W electricity which is much low than other coolers.  This cooler has a 16” fan which you can’t complain about its performance.

This cooler comes with castor wheels which give you portability to move from one place to another place. This cooler is not much fancy and comes in a grey colour. This cooler makes little noise. It is really easy to clean this cooler. The company provided drain plug so you can throw remaining water from it.

We give 9.4/10 stars.

2) Symphony Jumbo 70 Ltrs Air Cooler Review

This cooler has the same water capacity as symphony siesta have. Still, this cooler is quite different than the previous one. You will be surprised to know that this cooler can easily cool down 470 sq ft room easily that too in 15 minutes. This cooler need 185 W of Electricity.

The most important thing to notice is this cooler comes in budget. Its price will make you happy. This cooler can keep cooling space for hours.

Coolers cooling capacity might surprise you as its best in the segment. It comes with automatic vertical swing, due to which every single person in the room receives enough wind. The trolley comes with cooler is too high quality as its easily carry coolers weight. You can put ice for extra cooling.

3) Symphony Touch 55 Ltrs Air Cooler Review

This is the top-selling product by the symphony. Even while writing this article I am enjoying its cold air as I Own this too!!!

This is an economical cooler which will make you happy. This can easily cool down medium size room. This cooler has an attractive design. This comes with a water level indicator where you can check if it needs to refill again. This cooler has an outlet where overflow water comes out. This cooler has a double blower for extra cooling.

Symphony Touch comes with honeycomb cooling pad. This cooler consumes nearly about 250W Electricity. So no need to worry about electricity bills too.

The most important thing is you can use symphony touch 55 litres with inverter if there is a power cut in your area. Look of symphony Touch is attractive too.

4) Symphony Ice Cube 27 L Air Cooler Review

Symphony Ice Cube cooler is tower cooler which is very attractive and can easily catch your attention. This cooler comes with i-Pure technology. This cooler can throw cold air up to 40 ft. This is a top-quality cooler with powerful fans.

Water tank capacity is 27 Liters so it makes sure that your night will pass peacefully with its cold air. This cooler has castor wheels so you can move it from one place to another very easily. If you come from outside and you need instant cold air, symphony inc cube is capable of it.

There is no cooler expect symphony ice cube to give spot cooling experience. This is best for the small and medium-size room.

5) Symphony Hicool I 31-litre air cooler Review (31 Litre)

If we don’t consider water storage capacity then there is no cooler which can beat symphony Hicool. Within 31 litres water storage this cooler can easily run for 12-14 hours.

This cooler consist of honeycomb cooling pad because of it, your room can stay cold for a longer period. This cooler comes with a remote control similar to air conditioners for Hassel free operating.

The humidity control feature of Symphony Hicool I portable evaporative cooler works amazingly, and always keeps you away from sweat, no matter you aren’t sitting in front of direct air.

The user-friendly remote cuts the hassle of going to the air cooler manually to turn it on / off and set the sleep timer.

There is the defence against dust and mosquito net, ensuring clean airflow, and it also protects the cooler from external damage.

Thanks to multi-directional wheels it is very easy to push this Symphony cooler around the rooms.

Speaking about the amount of noise, you’ll only hear some medium humming sound even at the maximum speed that any buyer can agree.

The inside swing strip swings automatically.

The outer swing strip can be conveniently adjusted for both bed height and floor surface at the same time, in two different stages.

So, if people in your home choose to sleep on the ground mattress and on the bed, then this cooler fits everyone in equal measure.

How reliable is Symphony Cloud Air Cooler: Symphony Cloud Air Cooler 15 L Review

Of course, the symphony is not a newcomer in the market. Symphony has consumers worldwide. Still, there is little doubt that the price for wall mount cooler is value for money or not. Symphony introduced its wall-mounted cooler with remote control.

This is a new product from the company. There is no cooler available expect symphony. As question raises that dose this really good product?, Can it cool down space as soon as possible?, How much power it will consume and for how much period it will give cool air?

Many people searching for air cooler which have more capacity to give cold air for a longer period. Of course more capacity means large the shape and it will take large space to keep. But this is wall mounted cooler so it won’t need peace to keep in the house.

Let’s find out Why should You Buy it?

The magic fill feature fills the water inside automatically once its remote controller empties it. The water should flow through your water tank or the supplied water pipe; there’s no need to do it manually.

There’s no lever or buttons available for adjusting rpm, settings, mode, etc. in this advanced air cooler, the remote controller can handle basic operations. The Remote has amazing timer ability for 10 hours.

If the water tank is empty, you will obtain warnings which you can easily fill by pressing the ‘fill tank button’ provided in its remote controller. You will also hear a ‘beep sound’ when the water is finished so it is not overflowing.

The high noise issue is very annoying during the night in most air coolers, but the Silent mode is present in Symphony Cloud 15 Litre Room Air Cooler which you can trigger by it is remote. It will give you a cool & relaxing night’s sleep.

If the heat is out of reach, the turbo fast mode available in this air cooler can be used, which will very quickly bring down the temperature of your room.

Wanting to save water but also use it? In its remote controller, press the cooling button twice and the water pumping will automatically switch off but the fan will still run.

There is electronic humidity control which ensures both non-humid air cooling and cool airflow.

Its expandable water tank size is 15 litres, which is good enough for an air cooler attached to the wall.

Does your region often have power cuts? Don’t worry; it is inverter compatible.

Filling and draining water

Now here comes the cycle of the watering inlet. In Symphony split cooler, there are two successful methods of pouring water quickly, please read carefully:

Type 1:

With a Symphony wall mounted air cooler, you can easily attach your water tank from its tubing. It’s present in the back, where it’ll automatically refill the water from your water tank inside it.

Form 2:

The second option is to use the supplied water pump. Now it is pretty easy to connect the water pipe with it. To open it rotate the knob backwards, which is accessible with remote in the lower portion of the Symphony air cooler. And just take it out.

The pipe fitting knob will appear after you do that, in which you have to attach the waterline. Then simply drop the bucket or tub into the water bowl. The water pipe is long enough, and inside it is installed a motor that pulls the water from your bucket or tub to spill water inside once it’s finished.

Pouring out water: How easy is it?

And pouring the water inside your bowl or tub is what you have to do; you don’t need to dump water into the air cooler again and again.

The water-outlet mechanism in this wall-mounted air cooler is pretty easy. Just pull over the bottom left knob by rotating it, and attach the given light blue string, which is very long.

Now just turn the lever on the connector, and entire water will drain through the pipe completely. You won’t be puzzled by that operation, guarantee!

Symphony cloud tower air cooler: Negatives and justification

Secondly, the consumer analysis of the Symphony cloud cooler has a negative effect. There are some negative comments. The Symphony Cooler with remote testing went too long as a result.

Wall cooler Symphony was something we didn’t add when we were reading public reviews, but we believe in deeper diving.

So, our experts examined this cooler results primarily negatives thoroughly and tested them further on how many criticisms appear to be true. The major complaint was that it raises too much humidity.

We worked this cooler in a properly ventilated room, guys, and monitored the moisture levels.

Nothing bad had happened there. Yeah, this cooler might not be ideal for spot cooling, since it is a standard for wall mounting. In addition, the setup may seem like a long process for some of you, as you need to attach the pipe to the take for refilling purposes, and some process you don’t have to perform with any other Symphony air cooler.

Also, that cooler’s installation height matters a lot. If you mount it too high, then you can not get any heat relief. Installing it at 7 feet above sea level is a cool idea, according to our experts.

Is it really worth a suggestion?

The question after knowing the positive and the negative is, is the Symphony wall cooler price point good for the features?

The Final Tip!

Every cooler has to be maintained. While cleaning the air coolers it becomes very hard, especially the large ones. With their advanced technology Symphony has made it simple.

Yes, there is the Auto-Clean feature. This function drains unclean water automatically and maintains the cooler’s hygiene.

Here comes the main point; their ‘power consumption.’ Don’t worry; the power consumption is much better than AC. It runs according to a fan’s operating speed.

This wall-mounted air cooler is advantageous in any form, regardless of floor space, energy usage, functionality, value for money, etc. Tap the button to learn about Symphony wall-mounted cooler price in India.

Symphony Winter XL 56 litre air cooler: Really worth purchase?

Now, how much benefit is Symphony cooler in winter? Looking at Amazon’s customer reviews of this cooler will baffle you. Many complaints have come up in the past with this cooler but how many of those complaints are legit?

Do its roles work very well? We carried Symphony Winter I air cooler for testing into our room. First, we’re going to analyze why you should buy, and then we’re going to reveal the negatives and try to explain them.

Let’s just go into details

Why You Would Buy?

  • The motor comes in 3 velocities. Set it to whatever you want.
  • This cooler’s Dura-pump technology guarantees long service life.
  • Cool flow dispenser ensures water distribution is channelized, which further contributes to superior cooling in your house.
  • Multi-directional castor wheels simplify mobility for Winter XL.
  • The noise from the operation is low and the air throwing mouth is large. This, together with the powerful motor, provides a larger area of coverage.
  • A large 56L tank size reduces the troubles of regular refilling.

Questions and justifications

Manufacturers have displayed a remote control in the video, while you do not actually get one. This can be called an error, however, not a deficiency as only 20 per cent coolers come with remote control around this size. Even, there would have been great remote control over here.

The guide manual contains fewer details. In the future, we expect a better manual.

Others exclaim the problem of noise that drips water, which is a little annoying. The truth is, water falling noise is present in most of the cooler, but as most of the coolers make high noise, the water-dripping noise is concealed somewhere away.

Now, the Winter XL works at a much lower volume, because of which you can hear the dripping of water. We don’t find that to be a concern.

The Final Tip!

I air cooler when researching Symphony Winter; we have found no big problems. The noise of activity was below par, and so shivered. Features are adequate for money, and complaints about malfunctions are also minimal. We recommend Symphony Winter XL 56 litre air cooler when putting all things together.

Best Symphony Air cooler Reviews: Extra Suggestion

Have you not bought any of the Symphony Coolers online yet? No worries on that! Symphony is certainly cool, but about Maharaja being confident? We have one awesome air cooler from Maharaja that we are sure would not let you down.

Whiteline Maharaja Rambo AC-303 65 Analysis

Now, this is India’s finest air-cooler under 8000. This cooler is of enormous scale, providing sufficient air throw in all directions of the building, leaving no one to worry about air not coming in their direction. Air delivery is 3000 m3 / hr and that’s impressive!

We need you to check this one once before making a quick decision to buy Symphony Cooler online. The air throw range is 45 feet, so you can imagine the strength with just that.

We ‘d say that Maharaja Whiteline Rambo AC-303 is nice enough, not just for the room but even for a lobby or a conference.

Why You Would Buy?

  • We tested this cooler in a space of 30 x 30 feet during the test, and it passed the test perfectly, as we first found that the airflow was sufficient throughout the room, and second, we observed a rapid drop in room temperature.
  • The makers allude to 700 sq, though. Ft. as the area of coverage, though we focus on 900 sq. Ft. is an area of coverage.
  • Most importantly, it has an anti-bacterial tank and is also very suitable for the room for your kid.
  • During the summers, bacteria are in full form, and that is the time when doctors get cheered up as infections get high in the summer months. This air cooler can not touch bugs, dirt, dust etc.
  • The capacity of the tank is 65 litres, which means filling the water once and enjoying fresh cool air for a longer duration without the need to refill it.
  • The noise this air cooler creates is minimal even after being a massive build, a powerful motor and a large air throwing head. Maharaja is a little better in this department than the Symphony water cooler of that size.

The Final Tip!

Maharaja Whiteline Rambo AC-303 65 makes all directions beneficial to you. If you have the 5-6 K budget then we’re really insisting on you adding a little more money and buying Rambo AC-303 65, as the features, convenience, and safety are much higher than the coolers that cost in that price range.

In addition to incredibly powerful air fly, we were highly pleased with the perfect packed design for safety purposes, and most air coolers are designed with features, build quality, etc., but safety is not based on much. Of course, Maharaja Whiteline Rambo is worth a recommendation.

Symphony cooler support centre & Customer Service Symphony air cooler no.

There are pretty fewer chances that your Symphony products could cause you trouble. If there is a fault in your refrigerator, the Symphony Cooler Customer Care Number is-07930130111. Not just help, but by visiting the site you can also get some amazing tips – We called Symphony Air Cooler Service Center during testing and were given instant help.

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Best Air Cooler Symphony Reviews: The Result

If you’re wondering who’s great at Kenstar air cooler vs Symphony, then we’re advising you to try out Kenstar.

Speaking of the best Symphony air cooler overall, then it’s Siesta 70 Ltrs. Set. Model. Its strength is beyond comparison! The Jumbo 70 Ltrs model takes second place in terms of strength.

The additional advantage with the jumbo model though is that it comes with a stand. It covers 580 sq. Ft. field, just enough for the rent!

If your room is medium in size then buy 55 Ltrs Symphony Touch Air Cooler. After that, the most recommendable layout for smaller rooms and offices is Symphony Hicool I 31 Litre, which costs less than 10K.

Now if you’re looking for an air cooler at a very comfortable price with huge water power, then Maharaja Whiteline Rambo AC-303 65L is the sweetest option for you! This Maharaja cooler is our additional recommendation in our review, in addition to Symphony.

In addition, we have well-described reviews of the Best Orient air cooler and even the Voltas air cooler.


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