Best Adidas Skipping Rope in India


The use of a skipping rope has been a great way to keep fit and have fun. It has been a fundamental exercise that is used by physically fit people of all ages as a form of recreation (you may even need to modify the weight to make it easier for your child). A skipping rope is a one-way system and all you need is a rope and a little bit of practice.

Skipping ropes are the most favorite way for beginners to learn gymnastics. There are different types of skipping rope in the market, but here we are focusing only on the
Best Adidas Skipping Rope in India.

Adidas Skipping Rope

Adidas Essential Skipping Rope (Black, Red)

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  • Rope is easily adjustable and features slim grip handles for a streamlined, full body skipping workout.
  • Adjustable adidas Essential Skipping Rope
  • Slim grip handles
  • 3mm skipping rope

adidas Speed Rope

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  • Integral bearing for speed training
  • 3m length
  • Adjustable rope
  • Comfort foam handle

Adidas Head Band - Collegiate Burgundy

Rs. 1,099
Rs. 989
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as of September 28, 2021 4:22 am


  • Ideal for yoga, sport and general exercise
  • Keeps hair under control with an elasticated fit
  • Wide band design provides greater coverage
  • Helps reduce irritation during exercise
  • One size fits all

GRS® GRP_4 Skipping-Rope Jump Skipping Rope for Men, Women, Weight Loss, Kids, Girls, Children, Adult - Best in Fitness, Sports, Exercise, Workout

Rs. 499
Rs. 140
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as of September 28, 2021 4:22 am


  • Quality: Premium quality, durable jump rope, exclusive designed for fitness and sports lovers
  • Comfortable grip: the rope turns fast and smooth, which is required in cross fit and speed sports; The grip is comfortable even when your palms sweat
  • Light weighted handles: light weighted handles cause less arm fatigue, which helps you in doing more jumps; It also helps you in not missing the jumps
  • Universal Sport: The jump ropes are appropriate for men and women, for adults and kids, and for almost any workout, including boxing, Crossfit, and low-impact exercise programs.
  • Benefits: Best aerobic exercises for burning a lot of Calorie, slimming down, improving flexibility, developing core strength and good for heart. Appropriate for all ages, lower-impact activity than jogging.

Spike Speed Skipping Jump Rope for Men and Women (Black)

Rs. 1,500
Rs. 599
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as of September 28, 2021 4:22 am


  • MADE FOR SPEED: Spike Speed Skipping jump rope can easily achieve the maximum number of rotations per second. Double-under and triple under can easily be achieved for an incredibly intense workout. Appropriate for any calorie burning workout program. Can be used for leisure or slow jumping with proper rope length and practice.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Spike Speed Skipping jump rope is Compact and lightweight. This is a high-quality jump rope with easy grip handles for MMA training, mastering double under, bodybuilding, boxing, cardio exercises, personal training equipment. Perfect for home and gym. Can also be used by Kids.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE: The Cable can quickly be adjusted to your desired height. Cut off any excess cable with wire cutters. Suitable for heights up to 6 Feet . Complete instructions is included with your order!
  • NO INTERRUPTIONS IN YOUR SPEEDROPE WORKOUT: The Spike Skipping Rope Wire Cable ensures No Tangling or Bending like the usual PVC and Leather Ropes, giving the elite gym professional the ultimate cross jump rope.
  • GET IN THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE: We designed this speed rope to not only spin fast but last a long time. If used regularly you will be in the best shape of your life!

Adidas Resistance Tube L3

Rs. 1,699
Rs. 1,439
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as of September 28, 2021 4:22 am


  • Helps to strengthen and tone multiple muscle groups
  • Ideal for both upper and lower body exercises
  • Ideal for on the go workouts
  • Heavy resistance tube with soft grip handles
  • Versatile and durable

Fitness Guru - Skipping Rope for Men Women and Kids - for Crossfit Workout Boxing Fitness and Exercise (8 Ft)

Rs. 699
Rs. 229
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  • ●: [Versatile]: Great for boxers, MMA pracitioners, martial artists, HIIT, WOD, or anyone looking for an intense cardiovascular workout. Perfect for working out with your friend and family member. Keep healthy and fit together. Lightweight materials are truly flexible and won't kindle and maintain their shape even when twisted.
  • ●: [Wooden handle]: The skipping rope adopts an ergonomic wooden handle design, the handle can be customized, but the highest quality, and uses an innovative "traction control" system to provide the ideal gripping experience.
  • ●: [90-degree vertical dynamic rotation design]: The handle is fixed to the weight string at a 90-degree angle to prevent high repetitive torque on the double bottom from causing breaks and kinks. It is a simple and proven design and is the lightest during exercise.
  • ●: [Lightweight]: Keep these lightweight speed ropes in your backpack, car, purse or wherever for a convenient way to work out while traveling.
  • ●: [Size]: Rope length (8ft), handle length (17cm)

De Jure Fitness Polypropylene Skipping Ropes with Bearing Freestyle Skipping Rope Best in Fitness, Sports, Exercise, Workoutindia (Blue)

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as of September 28, 2021 4:22 am


  • > The length of our Exercise jump rope can be easily adjusted to suit your individual requirements of a skipping rope.
  • > Good group skipping rope, suitable for many people jump, entertainment is very strong
  • > Speed jump rope made of 275cm solid PVC rope, with strong plastic long and slim shaped plastic handle.
  • > The skipping rope promotes the skill and endurance of the children in a playful way.
  • > Easily Adjustable / suitable Any Size and easy to use and comfortable to carry has a smooth surface to grip comfortably.

CBlue Jump Rope for Men and Women - Tangle-Free Skipping Rope for Gym Workout, Crossfit, Fitness Exercise, WOD, Boxing, MMA and Endurance Training

Rs. 349
Rs. 199
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as of September 28, 2021 4:22 am


  • IF YOU WANT A SERIOUS CARDIO WORKOUT, the C Blue adjustable speed rope is absolutely the way to go. Regardless of your skill level - beginner or advanced, you’ll enjoy the smooth and easy comfort of this tangle free skip rope. Best of all, it’s feather light and easy to carry.
  • FASTER THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE - Ball bearings in the handles allow the rope to spin freely and quickly while remaining tangle free. This in turn allows you to jump at speed and with more confidence for a safer and better workout every time.
  • REDUCE THE STRAIN ON YOUR HANDS AND WRISTS - Ergonomically designed, soft foam handles with a soft, easy grip and the anti-tangle mechanism, reduce strain and tension on your wrists and hands. Enjoy burning those calories without the added risk of any kind of strain to your upper body
  • SUITABLE FOR JUST ABOUT ANYONE - Men, women and children from 4 ft 9” to 6 ft. 6” will love this rope for all their workouts. Easy to adjust, they will encourage you to get fit fast with this basic yet effective fitness tool for torching the fat. Boxing, Crossfit, HIIT, and low-impact training all benefit from adding this skipping rope to the routine. We’ve added a great instruction manual to help you get the most out of skipping to health

FITNESS INDIA™ Skipping Rope with Ball Bearing JUMP ROPE for Speed Jumping Aerobic Exercise Workout, Adjustable with Double Foam Handles Tangle Free

Rs. 999
Rs. 385
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  • Rope Skipping Adjustable Length. 9-foot adjustable cord, suitable for people having height range of 4'-6'4'', men and women, kid and old, can easily adjust the length according to their height (length and height have a look on the picture with correspondence table). Our reinforced ropes are sturdy and durable. To adjust the rope to your height, do use of wire cutter or leave the extra rope for future use.
  • Lightweight & Comfortable Foam Handle. 6-inch length accords with ergonomic handle design. The super Comfortable EVA sponge provides sticky grip, embedded "red" partition sponge bring a pleasant visual experience and improve anti-slip and perspiration function. The high-density Memory Foam of Handles, keep the handle away from collapsing for long time.
  • Durable Steel Cord Composition. Exercise jump rope body is made up of 7 strands of high-quality steel wire and thickened PVC coating. Its surface layer is wear-resistant, durable, and sturdy, suitable for concrete or cement home fitness venues, wooden floors in homes, or outdoor rough stone roads ground. Its lifelong service gives you the true joy of exercise.
  • No Tangles, Excellent Jumping Quality. 2021 upgraded double ball bearing design, 360-degree ball bearing system, 100% tangle free, fast jumping without knot. For fitness enthusiast it gives the real pleasure of speed through dual-bearings. For beginner, child or student, it will bring you a more light weight and smoother experience
  • Jump Rope Fitness & Workout. Every day, for 10-30 minutes, jumping effectively strengthens your wrist and leg, improve calorie consumption, and keep your heart away from stresses. Also suitable for MMA, boxing, cross training. Many people are piling up 2 or 3 of these, to enjoy the benefits of a body exercise, cardio or weight loss with your family in outdoor or home gym, can be a life changing gift to your loved ones.


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